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Cold Bath Computers ‘CBC’ – Terms & Conditions

Our responsibilities

  1. We offer an ‘initial assessment’ free of charge and a ”No fix – No fee” service on our work.
  2. The ‘initial assessment’ will include a diagnostic assessment, discussion and a guide price for the work required (time required and identification of any additional parts required).
  3. The cost of the work will only be charged after obtaining confirmation from you, our customer, to commence with the work for you.
  4. Depending on the work undertaken, the turnaround period would typically be within 2- 3 working days, however, under some circumstances it may take longer due to the availability of parts or difficulty of faults. We would keep you informed of progress throughout.
  5. A repair means the restoration of equipment to working order in accordance with the initial assessment and customer’s requirements.

Your responsibilities

  1. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that prior to CBC starting work on their computer system or other equipment that all critical data has been backed up, and that appropriate recovery procedures are in place. CBC cannot accept any responsibility for data loss during checking, repairing or unexpected events occurring.
  2. By confirming you are happy for CBC to commence work you are agreeing to our Terms and conditions stated.
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the original software disks and licence keys / codes that came with the computer in case a rebuild is necessary. Extra costs may be applicable should these disks not be available.
  4. Any equipment sent to Cold Bath Computers should be accompanied by a fault report from the customer. The information given by the customer is for reference only. Our own engineer examination report will form the basis of the full fault report.
  5. If equipment has been removed offsite by an engineer from CBC, Customers should fully check their equipment when accepting the return of the equipment. We will not take any responsibility for the equipment after this.
  6. We request customers make prompt payment on completion of the work.

No Fix – No Fee

  1. Our ‘No Fix – No Fee’ means that if our engineer does not have the technical knowledge or ability to resolve the problem or achieve the repair then no charge shall be made to the customer.
  2. The customer must allow the engineer sufficient time to access the computer or equipment concerned in order to diagnose and fix the computer problem, which might include a ‘return to base’ computer repair if necessary.
  3. Our ‘No Fix – No Fee’ offer is not applicable to work such as:
    1. data recovery
    2. computer rebuilds (erase computer disk and rebuild)
    3. the computer is totally damaged beforehand
    4. computer virus, spyware or any kind of malware has infected the computer
    5. training

When dealing with the cases such as the above it would make more financial sense to agree on a fixed fee due to the nature of these issues and their occasional unpredictability when fixing.

  1. If the call-out involves tutoring of any kind, then the “No-Fix, No Fee” offer does not apply.
  2. The above exemptions are not an exhaustive list and therefore CBC reserves the right to determine if the ‘no fix – no fee’ offer applies and therefore it is at our discretion to withdraw the offer if we believe it does not apply.


  1. We offer a two month warranty on most of our repairs. Additional or replacement parts will be subject to the manufacturer’s standard warranty.
  2. Warranty will be void if subsequent faults are different or unrelated to the original faults; the equipment has been modified or improperly handled.
  3. Equipment which is out of our warranty will be charged the normal appropriate repair fee.

Cost and payment

  1. Our labour charge (for all repairs) is £45 for the first hour
  2. Labour in excess of 1 hour is charged at £25 per half hour
  3. Cost is charged based on time spent working on your issue and any additional equipment or peripherals identified in the initial assessment or during the work undertaking.
  4. Should any costs escalate after under-taking the work we will contact you to make you aware of any new costs to make sure that you are happy with this.
  5. Preferred payment types are cash, cheque or on-line bank transfer. We do not have the facilities to accept payment by card.
  6. Payment is required upon completion of work; we do not offer credit facilities other than by prior arrangements with customers.


  1. No responsibility for the expiration of manufacturer’s original warranty on equipment that has been sent to us for inspection or repair.
  2. No responsibility for any data loss during the repair procedure or unexpected events occurring.
  3. No responsibility for equipment of an unstable nature which may deteriorate during inspection or repair.
  4. We reserve the right to change any of the above without prior notice.

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